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Thank you for giving Val-You Card the opportunity to provide you with a high quality product that will help you raise substantial and unequalled funds for your program. We will provide you with a Plastic Discount Card with a Choice of Deals from over 200 Restaurants and Service businesses throughout Southeast Idaho and Boise. As an added benefit to our customers, Val-You Card has also made our iPhone and iPod Touch Application available to you for no additional charge. The Application allows customers/residents to access additional Deals to more than 300 businesses across the United States. Val-You Card is fully committed to helping you succeed with this fundraising effort.

Once the cards are printed, we will provide you with printed information to be given to the students at the time of the fundraiser event. Val-You Card will also send a representative to explain the product, and to answer any questions that your students or parents might have prior to starting the fundraiser. We are here to serve you.
At Val-You Card, we believe that clear communication is the foundation of a good working relationship with our customers. Listed below are Val-You Card’s responsibilities and your responsibilities as a Customer.

Customer Responsibilities:

• Conduct your fundraising campaign during the identified Start and End Dates
• Communicate with parents/students as required and as needed throughout the campaign
• Notify Val-You Card immediately if your Start Date changes or if there are any other changes to your campaign
• Submit your product order to Val-You Card by the Tally Date
• Develop a distribution plan and identify a distribution location and distribution coordinators

Val-You Card Responsibilities:

• Provide assistance with planning your campaign and free incentives
• Provide assistance with tallying your order, product inventory, and distribution coordination
• Provide On-time delivery of products in good condition
• Provide Superior, personalized customer service
• Provide Guaranteed 100% profit!

Val-You Card Policies:

• For School Programs, NO UPFRONT MONEY is needed to get started

Please fill out the Form below. By filling out and signing the form, you agree to uphold your responsibilities as listed above and are committed to conducting a fundraiser through Val-You Card, LLC.

If you have any questions, please contact Val-You Card at 208-339-2838 or email us at valyoucard@hotmail.com.

We look forward to doing business with you.

Why Val-You Card?

Val-You Card is an established advertising company providing fundraising opportunities to local organizations. We have provided Fundraising Opportunities to Non-Profit Organizations, Sport Teams, Schools, and other Organizations throughout Southeast Idaho. Our products are unequalled and unmatched, and we are continuing to grow throughout the United States.

Val-You Card was formed in 2009, but our roots in Advertising, Marketing, Fundraising, Layout, and Design, go back 20 years. Our clients recognize and appreciate the need to advertise with a company that will give them an added edge in the print and technology world.

Our goal at Val-You Card is to provide your organization with “ValYou-added” solutions for raising money for your programs. Please realize that at Val-You Card, we are determined to help you succeed with your Fundraiser Program.

Val-You Card Fundraiser Advantages

• 50 Students can Easily raise a minimum of $2,500 with no upfront cost Cards are priced to Encourage Increased Sales
• Val-You Card Representatives will assist you every step of the way
• Fundraiser Program is Designed to be completed within 5 days
• Our Fundraiser Program returns Increased Dollars to Your Program
• All Deals are Unlimited Use
• Convenient – Fits in Wallet
• Easy to Use – No Punches or Scratches (Just show the Card)
• FREE UNLIMITED Access to iPhone and iPod Touch Application
• FREE UNLIMITED Access to Deals in Other Cities and States
• FREE UNLIMITED Access to Additional Text Deals
• Easy to Identify and Locate Deals – All Business Logos are Printed on Val-You Cards