1. $100′s of Dollars in Free Entertainment, Food, and More

2. Unbeatable Price - At only $20, the Val-You Card gives you more deals than any other Card

3. Convenient and Durable Plastic Card - Fits in your Purse or Wallet just like a Credit Card and it won’t wear out from use

4. Unlimited Use - Customers can use the Val-You Card Unlimited times at all the businesses that appear on the Val-You Card.  No more punching holes in your card, and marking off limited boxes

5. The Card can Pay for itself in a very short time - Buy One Pizza, Get One FREE

6. Secured Jobs - In these tough times, the Val-You Card provides Residents with Countless Discounts at numerous area Restaurants, and Businesses.  As Residents continue shopping, local businesses remain in business thus continuing to privide residents with jobs

8. The Money remains in your community - Local Jobs for Local People, and Val-You Card Donates Money to Help Local Charities

9. Great Deals at Leading Area Restaurants and More

Just a Few of The Many Val-You Card Partners